Privacy Policy

Being the business operators, engaged in the business of SNS, we at HIROPRO, INC. often handle the personal information of our customers. We believe that it is our social responsibility to treat personal information appropriately. To that end, we declare that we will stipulate, practice and maintain the following items to protect the personal information that identifies the individual

  1. When obtaining personal information, we will, as far as possible, specify the intended use and we will obtain only the personal information which is necessary for that purpose.
  2. When obtaining personal information from an individual, we will obtain only what is necessary and only after having informed him of the the name of our company, the name of our Privacy Officer, his contact information, as well as the intended use of the information.
  3. We will use the personal information within the scope of the intended use specified. Moreover, we will establish the process for devising and implementing the necessary counter measures so that personal information will not be used for purposes other than those specified.
  4. We will manage personal information with appropriate methods. We will not disclose it nor provide it to a third party without the consent of the individual himself.
  5. We will manage personal information correctly and at its latest state, within the scope that is required in accordance to the specified purpose of its use. We will study and protect the rational safety measures against the leakage, the loss and the damage of personal information. We will strive to prevent and rectify such situations.
  6. When entrusting to outsiders the management of personal information, we will implement the appropriate management after having had the outsiders sign an agreement not to leak the information or provide the same to a third party.
  7. When asked by an individual to disclose to him his own personal information, we will respond to his request with haste when he contacts us at our inquiry counter.
  8. When an individual wishes to deny the use of or the provision to a third person of his personal information, we will respond and deal with the situation accordingly when he contacts us at our inquiry counter.
  9. We will respond to the complaints consultations regarding personal information when you contact us at our inquiry counter.
  10. We will observe the laws, the guiding principles and other criteria stipulated by the country (JAPAN) which are applicable to personal information.
  11. We will stipulate the management system for the protection of personal information, reexamine it regularly and make improvements on it continuously.

enacted : Aug. 3, 2012
revised : Aug. 26, 201
HIROPRO, INC. CEO Narihiro Michiyoshi